Industry Domain Awareness and Expertise

Real Estate
The dynamism and reach of the real estate market are reflected in the cascading impact the market downturn has had on the global economy. Recovery will be anchored by rigorous performance analysis and realistic capital planning. Aperture Financial provides financial advisory, consulting and due diligence services to developers, contractors and owners of commercial and residential real estate.

We have helped clients launch new development companies and implement internal controls to ensure quality, compliance and cost management discipline. Our team has developed project finance models, simplified management reporting packages and maintained accurate project general ledgers. Call on us to help you manage the challenges and opportunities of today’s real estate industry realities.

Venture Capital and Private Equity Investments
As institutional asset managers, venture capital and private equity firms serve the community of entrepreneurs and growing companies in a complex and pressure packed environment. They operate a two-sided platform that supports their roles as fiduciaries to the fund’s limited partners and their roles as directors and strategic advisors to young emerging businesses.

We have managed complete back office operations for start-up and mature venture investment funds. And understand the operational, performance and compliance best practices required to make successful fund manager.

Professional Services
Professional service providers possess unique skills and talents that contribute greatly to the development and success of their clients. Their keen focus on the needs and challenges of their clients often leave them vulnerable to the constant competition they face. Firms are finding it more difficult to attract a healthy balance of client-focused and growth-focused talent.

We look to assist talented firms by serving as a reliable outsourcing option for their routine and strategic management needs. As a professional firm ourselves, we are prepared to help professional services managers see the forest and the trees.

Market research and analysis are fundamental to retail and distribution ventures. Strong competition, often due to low entry barriers, demand that managers take a forward looking approach to all aspects of the business. The seasonal and fluctuating nature of retail sales cycles require solid cash flow and inventory planning. Effective banking, supplier and distribution partnerships are critical to the flexibility required to succeed.

Our approach is to understand your strategic goals and operating environment and propose ways to make your business stronger.

Government Contracting
The US Federal government, states and local municipalities buy billions of dollars worth of goods from small- and medium-sized businesses every year. Most government agencies require very defined cost allocation, billing, contract and internal control compliance rules and regulations. To build a sustainable and successful government contracting business, organizations must demonstrate diverse skill sets beyond their core competencies.

With the help of Aperture Financial’s resources and services, your organization can become an established government contractor.

Public Sector and Nonprofit Organizations
Federal, state and local governments form the largest customer community in the world. Social organizations with objectives other than financial returns also play critical roles in our daily lives. To preserve their critical services and effectively deploy their contribution resources, public sector agencies and nonprofit organizations must operate using sound financial management and internal control principles.

Let us help you and your organization navigate the large number of procurement regulations, implement budgets, and prepare for compliance and financial audits among other matters. We will assist you in tackling these challenges and the significant growth prospects that impact your vision.

Media and Entertainment
As one of the largest sectors in the global economy, change is constant in media and entertainment, and is marked by the creation of content for delivery via the Internet, social networking platforms and wireless media. The evolving demands and consumption appetites of consumers challenge the core assumptions of any industry business model.

We know that creative talent and next-generation thinking drives success in this business. However, we also understand that sound financial execution is key to unlocking value from great ideas. Our professionals understand creative passion and will help manage the day-to-day activities of the business.

Export Trading and Marketing
President Barrack Obama’s 2010 National Export Initiative (NEI) calls for the United States (U.S.) to double the value of national exports from $1.57 trillion to $3.14 trillion by 2015. U.S. firms continue to lead the world in launching innovative products and services. However, many such firms often lack the processes and relationships required to establish profitable export operations.

We deliver world class professional services that leverage our finance, management, export marketing and knowledge of global industry trends that will help your business compete effectively on the international stage.

Satellite Communications
Aperture Financial clearly recognizes the far-reaching and revolutionary benefits that satellite technologies pass on to the global society.  In fact, satellite systems play an important role in the infrastructure that supports the global economy.  The effectiveness of critical operations such as homeland security, disaster management and national security are particularly dependent on satellite assets.

Aperture Financial has a broad understanding of the overall satellite communications markets and related downstream sectors (e.g. broadcasting, and wireless communications). We will leverage our extensive network of experts in academia, government and industry to support our clients’ satellite telecommunications technology efforts.

Aerospace and Defense
This is not the legacy aerospace and defense industry. The industry has experienced sweeping changes such as competition, turbulent airline environment and shifts in government procurement policies. Private sector interest and enthusiasm has forced its way into the planning and execution of space endeavors. New private ventures are closer to provide military and civil services that will launch more functional satellites and open space to private tourists.

Cost pressures will continue to drive consolidation and competition between the established and new participants.